Cancer Vaccine Researcher Injects Humans With West Nile Virus

Tumors Transplanted in Man With Cancer Cell Injections and Monkey Viruses



Anti-Cancer Properties Tested in Humans by Injecting Patients with West Nile Virus Cultured in Mouse Brains


J. Immunology, vol. 72, 1954, pp. 446-462.



Chester Southam Publishes Chart Showing Immune Response to Inoculations of West Nile Virus as Experimental Cancer Vaccine


Chester Southam, human “tumor transplant” doctor, attempts to “prime” the human immune response to cancer with various viruses: West Nile Virus, Egypt 101 Virus, Ilheus Virus, Bunyamwera Virus, Rabies Virus:



“Development of serum antibody titers … following experimental inoculation of viruses in cancer patients.”




Cancer response measured in conjunction with virus inoculations of “virus-infected mouse brain”


Result: no evidence of cancer reduction in human patients but encephalitis is induced:


West Nile, Ilheus and Bunyamwera viruses have been inoculated into patients with advanced inoperable neoplastic diseases in hopes of inhibiting the neoplasms. … West Nile produced an asymptomatic infection in 5 of 21 patients inoculated. Ilheus virus … caused mild encephalitis in 3 patients, and in the other patients caused no symptoms. Bunyamwera virus caused a very severe encephalitis with residual mental damage in one patient.  There was no significant effect on growth of the neoplasms, but localization of virus in tumor tissue was demonstrated in some patients with each of the 3 viruses.”


Chester Southam and Alice Moore, “West Nile, Ilheus, and Bunyamwera Virus Infections in Man,” Am. J. Trop. Med., vol. 31, 724-741, 1951



Southam went on to inject live cancer cells (“tumor transplants”) in human subjects as experimental “active” cancer vaccines.



Other research papers published by Southam in which he injected dangerous viruses (including smallpox) as potential cancer vaccines into human guinea pigs:


Southam and Moore, “Clinical Studies of Viruses as Antineoplastic Agents, with Particular Reference to Egypt 101 Virus,” Cancer, vol. 5, no. 5, September 1952, pp. 1025-1034.


Newman and Southam, “Virus Treatment in Advanced Cancer: A Pathological Study of Fifty-Seven Cases,” Cancer, vol. 7, no. 1, pp. 106-118.



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