“As disastrous as the spread of HIV is, the insights that the AIDS epidemic provides into the causes of cancer may ultimately lead to new and successful approaches to cancer prevention.”

--European Journal of Cancer,

Why AIDS Was Invented


By Jerry Leonard

Why did the US government pay cancer vaccine researchers to induce sarcoma cancers in human subjects using monkey viruses?


Could this series of published human experiments explain both the epidemic of sarcoma cancers caused by the AIDS monkey virus and the fantastic benefits the AIDS epidemic is quietly providing to cancer vaccine research?


In this e-book, Why AIDS Was Invented, shocking evidence is presented for the theory that the cancer epidemic induced by the AIDS monkey virus is not only highly beneficial, but contrived as well—being the culmination of years of published, pre-AIDS experiments by cancer researchers in which they manipulated immunodeficiency viruses to controllably increase cancer susceptibility for vaccine research.


I propose that progress made in modifying these animal immunodeficiency viruses for human cell growth (published shortly before AIDS) was used to supplement an ongoing series of published cancer vaccine experiments in which deadly monkey sarcoma viruses were used to deliberately induce tumors in human subjects with compromised immune systems.


Adding immunodeficiency viruses to such experiments allowed vaccine researchers to replicate, in human populations, a model form of animal experimentation which employed designer viruses to selectively damage the immune system and thereby increase susceptibility to cancer viruses. I argue that this type of ongoing experimentation culminated in the useful outbreak of selective immune system damage and viral cancer induced by the HIV epidemic—an epidemic that has dramatically enabled the cancer research community to achieve its longstanding goals, which many observers predict will ultimately include the development of long-sought human cancer vaccines.

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“. . . scientists saw in the tragedy of the AIDS epidemic an extraordinary opportunity to study the interplay of viruses, an impaired immune system and the development of cancer. In a way, AIDS research was an extension of the war on cancer that the Government declared in 1971.”

--Lawrence K. Altman, New York Times, 1998.


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