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Hitler Is Winning

by Jerry Leonard




AIDS as the Fulfillment of the Nazi Eugenic Program



“I think that the eugenic dreams and biological perfectionist aspirations of the Nazis and others were hindered, in part, by their not having the science. Well, look out world: the science is coming![1]

-Arthur Caplan



Not only was the international eugenics movement influential in creating the Nazi Holocaust, but a core group of U.S. industrialists such as the Rockefellers and Carnegies funded this eugenics movement (as well as helped arm Germany prior to, during, and after World War II).

            One of the best books summarizing this long-suppressed account of how the Nazis rose to power in Germany with U.S. aid and trade is Treason’s Peace by Howard Watson Ambruster. In this remarkable book Ambruster chronicles how the international chemical cartel system run by Germany’s I.G. Farben and its allies was used to rearm Germany after both World Wars. Ambruster described the powerful I.G. Farben corporation as


a cabalistic organization which, through foreign subsidiaries and by secret tie-ups, operates a far-flung and highly efficient espionage machine—the ultimate purpose being world conquest—and a world super-state directed by Farben.[2]


(In light of Ambruster’s accusation that Farben operated a “far-flung and highly efficient espionage machine,” it should be noted that one of Farben’s American lawyers, Allen Dulles, went on to head up the CIA following the war.)


            The cruel and merciless policies which Farben implemented to create the Jewish Holocaust were summarized by Ambruster:


These included such acts of criminal depravity as direct participation in the Nazi slave labor practices which had their origin “in the blackest periods of the slave trade,” by which Farben war plants had been manned with forced labor of hapless captives; in manufacturing and knowingly supplying the deadly poison gases used to murder millions of helpless humans in the death chambers at Auschwitz (Oswiecim); and, after these mass murders, in the conversion into fertilizer of the ashes remaining from the cremation of the corpses.[3]


            Ambruster also relates how the Farben corporate directors, despite their ghastly crimes,[4] were spared during the Nuremberg trials with the assistance of the American industrial elite which participated in the collaboration with Farben.[5] This elite was influential in the U.S. government agencies and committees responsible for developing the policies of reconstructing postwar Germany, policies which left the Farben-affiliated corporations relatively unscathed.[6] Based on his extensive knowledge of Farben’s history and goals, Ambruster made the following chilling prediction regarding Farben’s uninterrupted agenda of global conquest in the post-World War II world:


This creature may introduce that culmination of final world conquest for which Farben’s leaders have already planned and made possible two World Wars.


            Ambruster went on passionately to predict how Farben, in spite of the sacrifices made by  the Allies to defeat the Nazi empire in World War II, would quietly continue to rule from behind the scenes in the postwar world[7] through a Farben-controlled superstate disguised as a “union of nations”:


Of what avail a victory at arms, with its ghastly sacrifice of sweat, and blood, and tears; of youth destroyed, or warped, or wrecked—if out of it shall come another peace of Farben’s pattern, a peace disguised this time as a union of nations to rule by force . . . with men of Farben’s choice to make up that super-state?


If that shall be the sacrifice and the victory and the profit, then this ghastly price will have been paid merely to yield our own destinies, and those of all the world, to the tender mercies of a supreme corporate state guided by men of Farben’s choice; a union of nations, as a super-world-government, which, call it by what name you will, in reality will be the consummation of the world conquest planned by faceless Farben figures to be consummated by Farben’s faithless dupes[8] [emphasis added].


            Ambruster’s prediction that international “humanitarian” agencies such as the U.N. (“a union of nations, as a super-world-government”) would merely be the tool of the handpicked Farben elite may sound extreme until one realizes that in 1972 a former Nazi named Kurt Waldheim became the secretary general of the U.N. (for ten years). And just what qualified Kurt Waldheim for service as the head of the U.N.? A recently released U.S. Justice Department report found that during Waldheim’s service to the Nazi regime he had


assisted or participated in the transfer of civilian prisoners to the SS for exploitation as slave labor; the mass deportation of civilians to concentration and death camps; the deportation of Jews from Greek islands and Banja Luka, Yugoslavia, to concentration and death camps; the utilization of anti-Semitic propaganda; the mistreatment and execution of Allied prisoners and reprisal executions of hostages and other civilians.[9]


            Kurt Waldheim was not the only Nazi collaborator to achieve great power in international “humanitarian” institutions. Prior to Waldheim’s election as secretary general of the U.N., John J. McCloy, a member of a law firm working for Farben in the U.S. prior to the war and the individual who personally presided over the reconstruction of postwar Germany, was put in charge of the World Bank. It was McCloy who prematurely released all the industrialists convicted at the Nuremberg trials as well as numerous war criminals and mass murderers.[10]



AIDS: Excuse for Population Control and Euthanasia?

            It should not be surprising, given such high-level collaboration between U.S. elites and their Nazi counterparts, that the U.N. and other international agencies dominated by the U.S. in the postwar world would be used as a vehicle for the continuation of an international eugenics program.[11] (Recall that according to the Encyclopedia Britannica, Julian Huxley, a militant eugenicist, “was the first director general of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, UNESCO, in 1946-48.”)

            Is the AIDS epidemic quietly serving as a component of such a global eugenics program?[12] If it was not intentionally designed as a eugenics vehicle, the numerous ways in which the AIDS epidemic will further the eugenics cause must be one of the greatest coincidences in history. The AIDS virus will provide a near-perfect vehicle for the completion of a long-range global eugenics program.



The Weeding


            For starters, the deaths caused directly by AIDS will provide a mechanism for killing large numbers of people—most of them in the Third World. Additionally the tragedy of AIDS is being used to increase public sympathy for the euthanasia or “mercy killing” of AIDS patients through doctor-assisted suicide.[13] This will most likely greatly accelerate the dangerous trend toward mainstreaming and legitimizing euthanasia. According to numerous medical studies, AIDS patients are being euthanized disproportionately. For example, according to one study of a province in Holland, while only 2 percent of cancer patients were euthanized in this region, 13 percent of AIDS patients were euthanized. In a similar study in California it was found that 12 percent of deaths due to AIDS were due to euthanasia. Even more alarmingly a study in Amsterdam showed that the “rate of euthanasia in AIDS patients was 21 percent of all AIDS deaths” and that AIDS cases made up 21 percent of all euthanasia cases in Amsterdam.[14]

            The authors of one study warned, “Suicidal behaviours/medical decisions at the end of life are much more common than expected in persons with AIDS, and physicians caring for such patients should be aware of this.” Arguing that AIDS may result in a monumental shift in the doctor-patient relationship, the authors stated that “we ought to recognize that HIV infection has acted as a trigger to reformulate the classical, paternalistic doctor-patient relationship, and to stimulate a much broader debate concerning the issues of patient autonomy, the right to refuse treatments, and the quality of care for terminally ill persons, and the quality of the dying process.” They also fittingly noted, “It has been argued that AIDS is the disease that makes the case for euthanasia.”[15]

            Under the banner of “death with dignity,” euthanasia programs have recently been given official sanction in the Netherlands[16] and have been approved in certain regions of the United States.[17] Incredibly, it has been estimated that as many as 4 percent of all deaths in the Netherlands are the result of “involuntary euthanasia.”[18]

            Attempts to implement a national health care program in the U.S. may amplify this disturbing trend. If increasingly large numbers of helpless AIDS patients go on publicly subsidized health programs, cries will likely go up that these patients should be allowed to die with dignity and cease to be—through their long, agonizing, and expensive death process—a “drain on society,” especially when this society becomes increasingly characterized as one with limited funds.[19] (Recall that a similar catalyst triggered the Nazi holocaust. Doctor-assisted murder was begun in German mental institutions under the pretext of mercy killing and was subsequently extended to political enemies and scapegoats who were callously labeled “useless eaters.”)[20] An alarming development with respect to this scenario is the decision in Oregon to make the state’s population eligible for state Medicaid programs that will subsidize assisted suicide. The dangers of this trend were recognized by Diane Meier in an op-ed piece in the New York Times:


But legalizing assisted suicide would become a cheap and easy way to avoid the costly and time-intensive care needed by the terminally ill. It could be seen as an appealing alternative when resources are stretched and family members and doctors are exhausted. The terminally ill patient could feel subtle and not-so-subtle pressure to opt for suicide. Our society should not be reduced to offering patients a choice between inadequate care and suicide.[21]


            In addition to euthanasia, the manner in which AIDS is spread will provide a smoke screen for mandating the eugenics policy of birth control under the pretext of fighting the disease. The spread of AIDS is already being used to justify policies that were previously unthinkable—the distribution of condoms in high schools and even junior high schools in the United States, for example. A similar program is being implemented internationally—administered by the World Health Organization. This increasing acceptance and use of birth control devices as a means of preventing infection with a deadly disease will provide a long-term method of birth control in the Third World even if a cure for AIDS is eventually found.

            Projected developments such as the criminalization of sex (as attempted murder) between AIDS-infected and uninfected individuals may also provide an excuse to license procreation between groups as was advocated by the eugenicists for the fit and unfit and by the Nazis between Jews and non-Jews. For example, in the wake of the indictment of a New York man for a “felony charge of reckless endangerment by having unprotected sex with a teenage girl months after he learned he was infected with H.I.V.,” the New York Times reported that there has been a “flurry of proposals across the country for tougher laws,” some of which include making “it a crime to transmit or expose others to the virus.”[22] Such laws have resulted in the conviction of a 24-year-old man who was sentenced in Arkansas to 30 years in prison “for knowingly transmitting the virus to a woman through unprotected sex.” In Tennessee a woman was jailed with “two counts of criminal exposure of people to H.I.V.” after she confessed to having sex with 50 men.[23] A New York man was sentenced to 4 to 12 years in prison for infecting women with HIV. This man “had sex with at least 48 young women and girls in the area, infecting 13 of them with H.I.V.”[24]

            As increasing numbers of persons become infected with the disease, it may eventually become a requirement to get a government permit to have sex[25] or there may be “pools” of sperm from government-approved “clean” donors that will be used to control sexual reproduction (through artificial insemination) outside of the control of the individual and under government license.[26]



The Breeding: AIDS and Genetic Engineering


            Yet another way in which the eugenic program may be implemented using the fight against AIDS as a pretext is through exploiting, toward eugenic ends, any progress made in attempts to cure AIDS through genetic engineering. Since conventional techniques and therapies have had limited success in preventing death from HIV infection (especially in the Third World), the fight against AIDS is spurring the investigation of novel techniques such as genetic engineering for creating potential AIDS cures and vaccines. One such technique which is receiving much attention is the use of “gene therapy” to repair defective disease-causing genes in human beings. This therapy consists of using various means (such as viruses) to insert therapeutic genes into the defective genes responsible for disease in humans. Such gene therapies are already being used to fight diseases such as cancer[27] and naturally occurring forms of immunosuppressive diseases.[28] There are more than 230 clinical trials in progress involving the experimental insertion of genes into human cells. The National Institute of Health spends $200 million of its annual budget on such experiments.[29]

            Gene therapy is an extremely controversial treatment since it has the ability to alter permanently the genetic code of individuals (and their offspring) undergoing such treatment with, as of yet, completely unpredictable results. Curiously it is the ability of this therapy to alter the genetic code of human beings which probably makes it inevitable that genetic therapy techniques developed in the fight against AIDS and other diseases will be abused for eugenic purposes—as a mechanism for attempting to alter human evolution at a fundamental level.

            The research into genetic cures for AIDS, cancer, and other diseases may very well create enough knowledge of the genetic structure of man and possible genetic intervention strategies to embolden scientists to apply these techniques to modify the genetic code responsible for determining other traits besides health-related ones (for example, height, beauty, intelligence, blondness, etc.).[30] The danger that progress made in fighting diseases through genetic engineering would also soon provide scientists with the ability to permanently alter the course of human evolution and alter traits such as emotional stability and intelligence was discussed at a high-level conference in 1998 at the University of California-Los Angeles. This conference, which was attended by many eminent scientists, was held to discuss “how, why and when germ-line engineering should proceed.”[31] According to those in attendance at the conference, such germ-line engineering appears imminent.

            One interesting tool which is being studied as a means of altering human evolution through germ-line engineering is the virus. Ironically such use of viral vectors for inserting DNA into the germ line of human subjects (thereby altering the human genetic code) as part of a synthetic evolutionary process would represent a mimicking of the mechanism which some researchers have proposed as that responsible for natural human evolution.[32]

            Unfortunately the nature of the HIV epidemic promises to increase the probability that such viral gene therapies will become widely used and abused for several reasons. Since retroviruses (such as mouse leukemia viruses[33]) are the best vehicles for inserting therapeutic genes into cells of diseased hosts[34] and since HIV is itself a retrovirus,[35] research into AIDS prevention strategies and cures will result in a greater basic understanding of how retroviruses interact with the human immune system. This increased knowledge of how retroviruses infect human beings will probably increase the likelihood of widespread use of retroviruses in gene therapy. Of course, the more prevalent the use of gene therapy becomes for medical reasons, the more likely it will be abused for eugenic reasons.

            If this prediction sounds pessimistic, recent developments should serve as a warning for how quickly dangerous and controversial techniques such as the use of viral vectors in gene therapy experiments can proliferate. Gene therapy is already being flagrantly abused, even now. Researchers have been injecting unwitting patients with dangerous viruses in the search for genetic therapy cures and killing them. And the researchers have been almost totally unaccountable.

            After the death of one volunteer at the University of Pennsylvania, the federal government began to investigate the abuses taking place nationally with gene therapy. What they have found so far has not been encouraging. The Washington Post reported:


A Harvard-affiliated hospital in Boston quietly suspended a gene therapy experiment last summer after three of the first six patients died and a seventh fell seriously ill, previously unreleased research records show. . . . Richard Junghans, the Harvard Medical School researcher who led the study, blames the problems on a series of tragic coincidences that were mostly not related to the treatment. But the federal committee that oversees gene therapy had no chance to question that conclusion—or share it with other scientists working on similar experiments—because Junghans did not report the deaths or illness to the National Institutes of Health when they occurred, as required by federal regulations.[36]


            Amazingly, the Post discovered the following alarming facts with respect to the extent of the unreported abuses:


Junghans isn’t alone in his lapses. His were among hundreds of tardily submitted “adverse event” reports that the NIH recently received in response to news articles and stern agency directives last fall reminding gene researchers of their legal obligation. Reports of 691 serious adverse events in gene therapy experiments swamped the NIH as a result of the agency’s reminders, which officials hope will shed light on the mysterious September death of 18-year-old Jesse Gelsinger in a University of Pennsylvania trial.


            Other patients in experiments similar to those which may have resulted in the multiple deaths described above have been having severe reactions to the treatments. The Post reported:


Many patients, it turns out, suffered fevers, clotting abnormalities and serious drops in blood pressure, symptoms reminiscent of those that presaged Gelsinger’s death. Other reports describe problems caused by medical procedures used to deliver genes. Experiments in which genes are injected into brain tumors, for example, have repeatedly led to neurological problems such as partial paralysis and speech impairment, apparently caused by needle damage to the brain.



Gene Therapy: Cure or Curse?


            Amazingly researchers have even begun using the HIV virus itself as a viral vector for gene therapy—at least in the laboratory. By deleting certain genes in the deadly AIDS virus, researchers have been able to exploit its unique infectious properties while eliminating its harmful capacity. Andrew Pollack reported in the New York Times:


In a bold but potentially frightening effort to turn one of the world’s most virulent killers into a cure, scientists and biotechnology companies are trying to tame the AIDS virus and harness it to treat disease. The scientists say they have stripped the human immunodeficiency virus of its ability to cause disease, while leaving intact its ability to infect human cells. Such a crippled virus, they say, could be used to deliver genes in to human cells for gene therapy.


            As a result of laboratory tests, the subfamily of viruses to which HIV belongs is thought to be one of the most suited for genetic therapy. This type of virus, the lentivirus, seems to have infectious properties which render it superior to other viruses for the insertion of genes into human DNA. This includes the DNA of nondividing cells, which pose a barrier to other types of viral vectors. This, together with its carrying capacity and infectious properties, makes the HIV virus one of the more promising ones for use in human clinical gene therapy trials. Pollack noted:


H.I.V., on the other hand, is both cunning at evading the body’s immune defenses and can carry large genes. Most important, it is one of a small class of viruses, known as lentiviruses, that can incorporate genes into the chromosomes even of nondividing cells.[37]


            The dangers of using even a weakened virus such as HIV as a gene vector should become apparent from the case of Gelsinger. This student suffered a severe reaction due to the virus vector which “provoked an immediate immune response, or inflammation, a widespread inflammation that was out of control and eventually led to the failure of his lungs and then the demise of his other organs.” Additionally “the results of an autopsy showed that the marrow was completely lacking in cells that are responsible for the production of red blood cells.”[38] This surprised scientists because “the corrective genes were encased in a weakened cold virus, which researchers had thought was safe for humans since even a full-blown cold virus usually causes no damage.”[39] One can only imagine the possibilities of unforeseen side effects with a dangerous and poorly understood immune system-damaging virus like HIV.

            Perhaps the potentially explosive side effects of gene therapy and their obvious potential for destroying the future profits of gene therapy companies is the reason why gene therapy has been allowed to go on in such secrecy, despite the extreme dangers it poses. This alarming trend towards secrecy and unaccountability was summarized by the Washington Post:


The lack of disclosure provides new evidence of a shift toward secrecy in gene therapy, traditionally one of the more open fields of medical research, and reflects escalating efforts by gene therapy companies to weaken federal reporting regulations.[40]


An even more alarming trend was noted by the Post:


But as the field has become increasingly dominated by private industry, drug companies and scientists with a financial stake in their research are challenging the historically broad interpretation of [the reporting] rule. They are filing reports with demands for confidentiality or maintaining that they don’t have to file them with the agency at all.


            If researchers have been allowed to conduct such experiments secretly using a dangerous technique with no track record of actually curing disease,[41] it is difficult to imagine the leeway they might be provided if a genetic cure shows promise for curing a deadly disease like AIDS. (The long-term dangers of modifying the genetic code of human beings hasn’t even entered the public discussion on the dangers of genetic therapies.) With increasingly lucrative financial gains at stake, due to the widespread nature and severity of the AIDS epidemic, this dangerous trend toward secrecy and blatantly unethical behavior in human experimentation[42] could increase if researchers discover an apparently promising genetic intervention therapy for AIDS.

            Curiously if HIV itself is eventually used as a retroviral vector for inserting DNA in human subjects for eugenic purposes (as has recently been proposed for medical reasons[43]), then HIV may serve as a synthetic form of both mechanisms proposed as the cause of natural evolution—genetic mutation and natural selection. The deaths caused by HIV will serve as a form of “unnatural” natural selection while the genetic manipulation using HIV or other retroviruses as a delivery platform will serve as a form of synthetic genetic mutation.[44] Such techniques may aid in the frustratingly slow progress made thus far in the use of viral vectors to achieve the eugenic goal of altering and controlling human evolution.[45]



Eugenics and the Human Genome Project


            It is curious that HIV is providing not only a mechanism for implementing genetic therapy but a potential justification for using it. Just as the catastrophic effects of AIDS will likely create an artificial demand for genetic immunotherapy (if alternative treatments based on more conventional techniques fail to produce results[46] or result in dangerous side-effects), the results of the human genome project, which is making headway identifying defective genes which are alleged to be responsible for many diseases, will also likely provide an imperative for trying out experimental “gene repair” technologies. The identification of individuals with so-called defective genes will likely put pressure on these individuals to voluntarily decide not to procreate (thereby fulfilling the desires for a “weeding out” process expressed by eugenicists in the 1930s). Individuals found to be genetically predisposed to disease and who nevertheless decide to procreate will face the very real prospect of having their children (in addition to themselves) being denied insurance and thus becoming part of a genetic underclass.[47] They might even be prosecuted.[48]

            Such pressures will increase the probability of researchers having “defective” subjects to experiment on with genetic therapies. AIDS-infected populations will provide another class of desperate people—in this case on the verge of certain death—willing to be used as guinea pigs in trials with potential AIDS cures (just as terminally ill cancer patients were used to develop potential cancer vaccines in Chester Southam’s experiments[49]). Large-scale trials using experimental vaccines will most likely appear increasingly necessary as tens of millions of victims succumb to the disease’s effects. Since the Third World is being disproportionately ravaged by the disease, it will probably be used as a laboratory for experimental vaccines which arise. In fact, controversial plans have already been implemented for conducting vaccine trials in the Third World. Such vaccine trials would be the perfect opportunity for overt or covert genetic therapy experiments.

            Thus, for the reasons discussed above, the AIDS epidemic will serve as a driver for the implementation of many of the policies long advocated by the eugenics community. By providing a form of biological purge, a pretext for euthanasia, a driver for the implementation of international birth control policies, and a pretext (as well as a possible mechanism) for genetic engineering on human guinea pigs, the AIDS epidemic has the potential to fulfill the eugenicists’ most optimistic dreams.



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Hitler Is Winning

by Jerry Leonard




AIDS: The Role of War Criminals in the American National Security State?



There could be no doubt at this point, that the principal Japanese germ warfare figures were war criminals of the greatest magnitude, on the order of Josef Mengele and the other Nazi doctors who had performed experiments of unimaginable cruelty on concentration camp prisoners during World War II … yet the American biological scientists, in their rush to get the scientific data, showed no evidence of being held back by any moral, legal, or other constraints, and willingly promised immunity … in order to get it.[50]



In Appendix A, the fantastic benefits of AIDS to the eugenics movement were described. In another work by the author,[51] the population control benefits of AIDS to the U.S. national security infrastructure are detailed as is the mechanism (biological warfare) which the author believes was used to create and implement AIDS.[52]

            Even if the horrifying scenario of deliberate infection proposed in this study is technically feasible, many readers may understandably have doubts that the U.S. government would actually be capable of infecting millions of people with a deadly virus to impose its eugenic and depopulation goals on the world. However, a closer look at the historical record as detailed in the text of this study shows that there is a core group within the U.S. national security infrastructure who have worked hand in glove with criminal governments such as Nazi Germany that were capable of carrying out such an agenda. Unfortunately this cooperation did not end after the war. The U.S. national security establishment has consistently conducted experiments in the postwar era on both the U.S. and international public in the name of national security. These experiments were conducted during the development of nuclear, chemical/biological and mind control weapons and were often carried out under the pretext of cancer research.

            These U.S.-backed programs involving the use of innocent citizens for medical tests and weapons development are reminiscent of the programs conducted in Germany and Japan during World War II, in which human guinea pigs were widely used in the development, testing, and operational implementation of both offensive and defensive chemical and biological weapons systems. In fact, the similarities between many of the ongoing U.S. testing programs and the wartime programs of the Germans and Japanese may be more than superficial. They may actually have been carried out by some of the same personnel.

            Unfortunately we now know that some of the same personnel from Nazi Germany’s chemical warfare effort participated in American postwar programs which involved testing highly dangerous chemical weapons on American soldiers. Several of these programs were the duplication and continuation of programs conducted by the Nazis on concentration camp victims during the war.[53] In addition to chemical warfare, there is ample cause for concern that personnel from Nazi Germany and Japan were involved in the development and testing of American postwar biological warfare weapons as well. This is so since the U.S. national security establishment openly recruited and cooperated with war criminals associated with this type of biological warfare research from both of these criminal governments—in spite of (or, more likely, because of) their war crimes.

            Congressional investigators into the U.S. biological warfare effort warned in 1977 “that once the technology of biological warfare has been developed, it becomes then easy for small countries, or small groups to use this technology.”[54] This sobering warning takes on a new urgency once one is confronted with the fact that there was a criminal nucleus of war criminals from Japan and Germany working closely with their American sponsors in the national security infrastructure after the war. Could this “small group” of war criminals have indeed participated in the implementation of an applied chemical/biological warfare program targeting large portions of the globe using the knowledge they obtained during the testing programs which they helped implement in their own spheres of influence during the war? Could such a program indeed explain the AIDS epidemic?



U.S. Collaboration with Biowarfare Specialists


            Although the suggestion that the AIDS epidemic was implemented by Axis war criminals working with the U.S. government may sound improbable at first, a review of the backgrounds of the criminal scientists that the U.S. government recruited after the war reveals that such an act would be the natural extension of similar efforts conducted by these criminals during the war.

            Let us take a brief look at the situation with respect to Japanese war criminals. In order to make use of the extensive biowarfare tests that the Japanese had conducted during the war, the American government recruited many of the doctors in the Japanese war machine[55] who had systematically conducted numerous, grisly experiments on tens of thousands of helpless human beings in an immense biowarfare complex that included “150 buildings, 5 satellite camps, and a staff of more than 3000 scientists and technicians.”[56] The death toll from this monstrous research operation was enormous. A group of authors from Ft. Detrick, Maryland (for decades the U.S. center for biological warfare research) reported, “At least 10,000 prisoners died as a result of experimental infection or execution following experimentation during the Japanese program between 1932 and 1945.”[57]

            The data collected by the Japanese during this criminal experimentation was not limited to laboratory experiments on prisoners. In addition to extensive experimentation with POWs, the Japanese conducted massive “field tests” on Chinese cities with the biological warfare weapons they developed in the lab. The scale and barbarity of these biowarfare tests, which were conducted on entire populations, are difficult to imagine. As explained by the New York Times, in addition to releasing plague-infested animals into human populations,


[t]he Japanese Army regularly conducted field tests to see whether biological warfare would work outside the laboratory. Planes dropped plague-infected fleas over Ningbo in eastern China and over Changde in north-central China, and plague outbreaks were later reported. . . . Japanese troops also dropped cholera and typhoid cultures in wells and ponds, but the results were often counterproductive. In 1942 germ warfare specialists distributed dysentery, cholera and typhoid in Zhejiang Province in China, but Japanese soldiers became ill and 1,700 died of the diseases, scholars say. [58]


Some researchers have estimated that as many as two hundred thousand Chinese were killed as a result of these field tests which included 12 proven field trials on 11 Chinese cities. (The field tests were halted in 1942 when one field test backfired resulting in 10,000 Japanese casualties.[59])

            Research continues to uncover the horrific extent of the Japanese biowarfare exercises. As reporters in the New York Times related, new accounts “suggest that Japan’s World War II germ attacks were even more widespread than first thought, stretching from Burma (now Myanmar), Thailand, Singapore and the Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia) to Russia and Chinese cities and hamlets.”[60] The Times also reported, “Chinese researchers say they keep uncovering new sites where anthrax, typhoid, plague and other disease were spread, wiping out perhaps hundreds of thousands of Chinese. Another 10,000 or more Chinese, Russians and perhaps some American prisoners of war as well, researchers say, were killed in ghoulish experiments.”[61]

            A great deal of this extensive and inhuman research (which included, it has been alleged, U.S. POWs) conducted by the Japanese was conducted by a biowarfare group known as Unit 731, headed by a Dr. Shiro Ishii. The U.S. was very interested in the data generated by Japan’s biowarfare criminals. Ishii’s wartime research was thought to be essential for the continuation of the U.S. postwar biowarfare effort. Government representatives noted during internal deliberations involving the fate of Ishii’s biowarfare (BW) group and data:


Data already obtained from Ishii and his colleagues have proven to be of great value in confirming, supplementing and complementing several phases of US research in BW, and may suggest new fields for future research.[62]


            A postwar deal was finally made between the Unit 731 leaders and the U.S. government. In exchange for their cooperation and data (which was collected using barbaric methods which included deliberate infection of human subjects with plague and other pathogens, as well as live amputations and vivisections without anesthesia), none of the Japanese doctors was ever prosecuted by the American government for their biowarfare-related crimes.[63] (The Times reported: “The American authorities granted General Ishii and his associates immunity from prosecution and in exchange received detailed information.”[64]) In fact, many of these Japanese doctors went on to attain positions of prestige and prominence in the Japanese government and medical world including, according to the New York Times, the “Governor of Tokyo, president of the Japan Medical Association and head of the Japan Olympic Committee.”[65] Other medical personnel associated with the criminal biowarfare Unit 731 later became influential in the Japanese postwar medical establishment—including, for example, the director of the Japanese National Cancer Center, the surgeon general of the Japanese armed forces, and heads of divisions of the Japanese National Institute of Health.[66]

            Many of the Japanese biowarfare specialist doctors went on to become corporate executives in the international pharmaceuticals industry as well as heads of university medical schools.[67] Additionally some of these doctors went on to attain positions of prominence in international scientific institutes.[68]

            [It is noteworthy that the deals made by the U.S. government with these Japanese researchers were made in spite of the fact that, towards the end of the war, Japanese generals were proposing that balloons loaded with biological warfare weapons be used to initiate epidemics of plague and anthrax in the United States or that cattle plague viruses be sent to destroy the American livestock industry.[69] Hundreds of balloons launched from Japan landed in the United States and Canada towards the end of the war. Some of these balloons had explosive devices on them, but none of them had biowarfare agents.[70] It is thought that these were trial runs for later balloon-based biowarfare attacks.]



Ex-Nazis Mainstreamed, Not Prosecuted


            As if this cooperation with Japanese war criminals was not bad enough, the U.S. government also helped place ex-Nazi doctors in positions of power in postwar Germany, the United States, and major international organizations. For example, the U.S. hired many Nazi doctors who had conducted experiments on prisoners under the pretext of aviation research in Nazi-occupied Europe. As Tom Bower explains in The Paperclip Conspiracy, many of these scientists were brought into the U.S. and placed in the military health infrastructure.[71] (The portrait of one the most prominent of these doctors was recently found in a mural of “medical heroes” at Ohio State University.[72])

            Many of these doctors participated in the wartime Nazi research which used prisoners and concentration camp inmates as guinea pigs in experiments designed to test deadly nerve gases or to determine the limits of human exposure to temperature and altitude extremes (for example, as a means of increasing the survivability of German aviators who had to eject from their aircraft).[73] Once these Nazi doctors were brought to the U.S., they participated in the medical research which helped make the U.S. space program possible (while Nazi rocket scientists built the rockets and staffed the top management positions at NASA[74]). One of these war criminal doctors named Hubertus Strughold, who oversaw grisly experiments which killed hundreds of concentration camp inmates, was put in charge of the U.S. Air Force School of Aviation Medicine and later the Department of Space Medicine.[75] The Air Force even named one of its buildings in San Antonio after him.

            As a result of these repatriation programs, ex-Nazi scientists have been found at the pinnacle of the German medical field as well as international medical institutions. For example, a 1993 New York Times editorial notes that three of the last four presidents of the German Chamber of Physicians had been members of the SS or SA. Remarkably it was discovered that the president-elect of the World Medical Association—a Dr. Sewering—was a Nazi Party member who had participated in the Nazi euthanasia program (he declined to assume the post after the World Jewish Congress threatened to lead a boycott against his appointment).[76] Dr. Sewering was not the only official in the World Medical Association (which, ironically, was founded in 1947 in response to the Nazi doctor’s monstrous medical practices) with a Nazi past, he was accompanied by at least one other former SS member.

            Less than a week after this incident was reported in the national press,[77] an editorial in the New York Times asked the question, “How could a doctor with a Nazi past rise to prominence, let alone be elected president of the world’s largest medical society?”[78] (A similar question should have been asked when Kurt Waldheim, secretary general of the U.N.—an organization formed in response to the Nazi’s political excesses—from 1972 to 1982, was revealed as an ex-Nazi collaborator.) The answer to this question, of course, lies in the postwar military and reconstruction programs which the U.S. initiated and supervised which placed many high-level German officials in positions of authority in Germany and throughout the world.

            Unfortunately the U.S./Nazi postwar collaboration extends even deeper than the importation of a few high-level medical and rocket scientists. In addition to these scientists, the U.S. government helped shelter and place other Nazi war criminals, including spies and weapons scientists,[79] in powerful positions in postwar Germany and throughout the world. John Loftus, a former member of the U.S. Justice Department’s Office of Special Investigations, estimates that as many as ten thousand Nazi war criminals were allowed to enter the U.S. after the war (they were allegedly to be used as anticommunist agents).[80] The New York Times reported in 1992:


Recent years have brought disclosures that American intelligence protected such heinous killers as Klaus Barbie, the head of the German secret policy in Lyons, who deported French Jews to Nazi death camps; covered up the German Army record of Kurt Waldheim, the former Secretary General of the United Nations, and hired German scientists who had used slave labor and experimented on concentration camp inmates.[81]


            Recent revelations show that the U.S. may also have had a hand in the escape of the infamous Joseph Mengele, the sadistic monster who systematically performed gruesome medical experiments at Auschwitz. Mengele somehow found refuge in Argentina (where he was reported to have lived until 1979) after escaping using a false name and an International Red Cross passport.[82] Curiously, according to the New York Times, a U.S. Justice Department report issued in October of 1992 “confirmed that Dr. Mengele was in American custody for at least six weeks in two separate prisoner of war camps after World War II and was routinely set free, possibly under his own name, despite being carried as a war criminal on at least two wanted lists.”[83]

            As was mentioned above, not all of the Nazis which escaped prosecution for war crimes went into hiding. Some of the Nazis recruited by the U.S. after World War II went on to have brilliant and successful careers. For example, Kurt Waldheim, a member of several Nazi organizations and a Nazi intelligence officer,[84] eventually became the secretary general of the U.N. and later the president of Austria (with the help of the U.S. State Department and the U.S. representative to the U.N., George H. W. Bush). Following this service, Waldheim was knighted by Pope John Paul II in 1994.[85]

            In 1956 Reinhart Gehlen, Hitler’s chief of intelligence against the Soviet Union, became the head of the Federal German Intelligence Service,[86] for which he was reported by the Washington Post to be “America’s number-one spy abroad.” Gehlen, with his exclusively German intelligence staff consisting of many ex-Nazis, reported to a man in the postwar German administration named Dr. Hans Globke. Globke, as state secretary of the Chancellery (and reportedly the second most powerful man in Germany during the 1950s), himself had a distinguished Nazi past, having played a major role in shaping “racial hygiene” legislation which ushered in the Holocaust. [87]

            These disturbing revelations of postwar collaboration between American elites and their German counterparts are in line with the evidence presented earlier regarding the extensive cooperation with Hitler’s Germany both prior to and during the war among a powerful segment of the U.S. corporate elite. This cooperation was merely continued after the war with German war criminals and extended to Japanese war criminals.



Nazi Experiments Continued on U.S. Servicemen


            Many American citizens would no doubt be surprised to learn about the systematic cooperation with vicious Japanese and German war criminals by the American government. Many might wonder what these men have been up to since they were recruited. Americans would be understandably outraged to find that in some cases these criminals were not only allowed to continue their criminal research on the U.S. payroll but were allowed to experiment on U.S. citizens!

            Incredibly there is much evidence that Nazi scientists secretly brought into the U.S. under Operation Paperclip did indeed continue their cruel experiments on human subjects after the war. In at least one case these scientists helped conduct experiments on U.S. servicemen. In her study Secret Agenda, a former executive producer for CNN named Linda Hunt described how the Army Chemical Corps with the assistance of Nazi consultants,[88]


using Auschwitz documents as a guide, conducted the same type of poison gas experiments that had been done in the secret I.G. Farben laboratories. This time the experiments were conducted at Edgewood Arsenal, Maryland, and the unfortunate guinea pigs were more than seven thousand American soldiers.[89]


            Nazi chemical warfare experts were used as consultants by agencies which conducted gas chamber experiments at Edgewood Arsenal in which American servicemen were exposed to nerve gases such as Sarin and Tabun (which were invented by Nazi chemists and shipped to the U.S. after the war). Such tests with nerve gases were not limited to government gas chambers. The front page of the New York Times recently revealed that experiments were conducted on hundreds of servicemen in outdoor tests:


The Defense Department sprayed live nerve and biological agents on ships and sailors during Cold War-era-experiments to test the Navy’s vulnerability to toxic warfare, the Pentagon revealed today.[90]


            Nazi science was also used in the massive CIA testing program at Edgewood Arsenal in Maryland, in which hundreds of truth drugs, incapacitating agents, and mind control agents (such as LSD, mescaline, and PCP) were tested on thousands of American servicemen without their consent. This research was an extension of research begun by the Nazis on concentration camp inmates. Many U.S. soldiers experienced severe mental and physical health problems as a result of these experiments. Some committed suicide as a result of the damage they incurred.



AIDS: A Rerun?


            How do the disturbing facts reviewed above impact the thesis proposed elsewhere by the author to explain the AIDS epidemic—that the epidemic is the result of the implementation of an international eugenics purge using biowarfare agents in the form of an immunosuppressive cancer experiment implemented and administered under the cover of vaccination programs?[91] One of the long-term goals of this proposed AIDS experiment was the development of cancer vaccines. Since Hitler’s henchmen were known for implementing their own eugenics purge in Europe (which has come to be known as the Holocaust), it would not require much stretch of the imagination to envision these medical mass murderers, given half a chance, attempting to extend this eugenics purge to the rest of the world after the war. (The Japanese biological warfare researchers who were pardoned after the war had already carried out a devastating international biological warfare campaign.[92]) Might this small group of men, recruited by the U.S. government, have been allowed to implement an international eugenics program using biowarfare agents? Might they have used vaccination programs to conduct such a program? Ethical considerations aside, vaccination programs would certainly have provided the perfect humanitarian pretense for injecting unsuspecting people with dangerous viruses.[93]

            Interestingly the scenario just described to explain the AIDS epidemic—the juxtaposition of a eugenics purge with immunological experimentation using vaccination—does have a precedent in Nazi Germany. In fact, the vehicle used to implement the eugenics “Final Solution” (the concentration camps) was also used as a vaccine experimentation laboratory by Nazi doctors.[94] Nazi doctors conducted numerous immune system probing experiments on concentration camp inmates including those in which inmates were deliberately infected with pathogens such as epidemic jaundice at Sachsenhausen and Natzweiler concentration camps and streptococcus, gas gangrene, and tetanus at Ravensbrueck concentration camp.[95] At Buchenwald concentration camp, healthy inmates were used as walking tissue cultures by deliberately infecting them with typhus “to keep the virus alive” (approximately 90 percent of the subjects in these experiments died).[96] 

            According to the Nuremberg Tribunal records, concentration camp inmates were deliberately infected with diseases (or challenging viruses) to measure the effectiveness of vaccines and chemical treatments administered to prevent disease. (Unvaccinated inmates were also callously infected with the disease under study so that they could be used as “controls” to calibrate the efficacy of the experimental vaccine.) The tribunal records describe one such set of these experiments with spotted fever or typhus:


In the course of these experiments 75 percent of the selected number of inmates were vaccinated with one of the vaccines or nourished with one of the chemical substances and, after a period of 3 to 4 weeks, were infected with spotted fever germs. The remaining 25 percent were infected without any previous protection in order to compare the effectiveness of the vaccines and the chemical substances. As a result, hundreds of the persons experimented upon died. Experiments with yellow fever, smallpox, typhus, paratyphus A and B, cholera, and diphtheria were also conducted. Similar experiments with like results were conducted at Natzweiler concentration camp.[97]


            These experiments conducted by German doctors during the war are similar to those which I propose are behind the AIDS plague. In both cases, manipulation of the immune system[98] of healthy human subjects was used to learn how the immune system reacted to various challenging viruses.[99] Were these or similar experiments replicated on an international scale after Nazi war criminals were recycled in postwar Germany and America or after they attained positions of power in international governmental and humanitarian institutions such as the U.N. and the World Medical Association? Did Nazi doctors continue their concentration camp experimentation with smallpox and other viruses after the war using a vaccine against smallpox as a pretext for a grand cancer vaccine experiment[100] on a global scale?[101] Will Nazi-affiliated pharmaceutical corporations benefit from this alleged AIDS experimentation as they did from human experiments with their products in the concentration camps?[102]

            In the process of answering these questions it would be interesting to find out whether any of the Nazi scientists were employed by Fort Detrick to continue their work in virus and vaccine research for the U.S. biowarfare effort as their Japanese war criminal counterparts had been.[103] (According to an article published by Fort Detrick personnel in 1997, “challenge studies” initiated in 1955 at Fort Detrick sound curiously similar to those conducted by the Nazis in concentration camps. These U.S. studies involved placing “volunteers” into an aerosolization chamber in which they were exposed to biological agents through the detonation of “biological munitions.” The test subjects “were exposed to Francisella tularensis and Coxiella burnetii” to test “the efficacy of vaccines, prophylaxis, and therapies under development.”[104] The WWII-era Nazi studies included experiments in which “inmates of the camp were infected with typhus for the purpose of procuring a continuing supply of fresh blood taken from persons suffering from typhus.” Having a fresh supply of such contaminated blood allowed Nazi doctors to inject patients with disease-causing blood to test vaccines: “Other inmates, some previously immunized and some not, were infected with typhus to demonstrate the efficacy of the vaccines.”[105])

            It might also prove interesting to learn whether the Japanese biological warfare specialists recruited by the U.S. government after the war were put back to work conducting experiments with human guinea pigs in their field of specialty (conducting large-scale biological warfare field trials as they did in China during the war) as the Nazi chemical warfare specialists had been.[106] Postwar biological warfare field trials were conducted by the U.S. government in which “[c]ities were surreptitiously used as laboratories to test aerosolization and dispersal methods when simulants were released during covert experiments in New York City, San Francisco, and other sites between 1949 and 1968.”[107] Were such field trials used to prepare for the AIDS epidemic?


*     *     *


            Before a House Foreign Relations Committee investigation of the U.S. biological warfare effort, a witness gave the following testimony regarding the dangers involved with developing biological warfare agents:


Because of the dangers to all mankind in the use of such agents, they would hardly be used as a result of any rational military decision, but obviously might abet aggressive insurgence or blackmail. It is not difficult to imagine the consequences if such agents should fall into the hands of a future Hitler[108] [emphasis added].


            In light of the developments described above, the statement of this witness has a chilling (if not prophetic) ring to it. Did the postwar biological weapons developed by the U.S. fall into the hands of a Hitler, or his underlings, who were employed by the U.S. national security establishment?

            Would the scenario proposed above involving the use of vaccines for biological warfare as a population reduction effort/eugenics exercise/cancer experiment explain the international AIDS epidemic? Was a “small group” of war criminals allowed not only to continue their wartime research but to implement such a diabolical program with the blessing of the U.S. national security infrastructure?

            Only a full-scale Congressional investigation into the research conducted at Ft. Detrick and at civilian cancer research agencies performing covert biological warfare research will reveal the truth. In light of the barbaric research conducted under the guidance of Nazi war criminals on U.S. soldiers and the fantastic benefits of AIDS to the ongoing Nazi euthanasia program and American national security-related depopulation programs, such an investigation is not only warranted, but long overdue.


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[88] Among the Nazi chemist consultants employed by the Army Chemical Corps was one Otto Ambros, who was brought to the United States (where he was a consultant for W. R. Grace and Dow Chemical in addition to the government) even though he had been convicted as a war criminal (he was pardoned by John J. McCloy in 1951) and had been an I.G. Farben director. Ambros had managed the Auschwitz site and “took part in the decision to use Zyklon B in the gas chambers.” Hunt, 131-133.

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[90] “During the experiments, nerve or chemical agents were sprayed on a variety of ships and their crews to gauge how quickly the poisons could be detected and how rapidly they would disperse, as well as to test the effectiveness of protective gear and decontamination procedures in use at the time.” According to the Times, a government spokesman “said it was unclear whether sailors were intentionally exposed to the germ and chemical toxins without the benefit of protective masks and gear. Also uncertain, he said, was whether any had given their permission to become human guinea pigs in medical experiments with the deadly substances.”  Congressman Mike Thompson added: “This information is significant since we now know that our military personnel were exposed to sarin gas and VX nerve agent, which are both highly lethal, and other agents that are known carcinogens.” This same representative is demanding that the military release information on hundreds of other similar tests which are known to have been planned at the time. Thom Shanker, William Broad, “Sailors Sprayed with Nerve Gas In Cold War Test, Pentagon Says,” New York Times, 5/24/2002.

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[92] The techniques used to spread disease by the Japanese were wide ranging and diabolical. They included dropping infected insects and feathers from airplanes. Other measures were also used. “It is known that food and drink and even children’s sweets were sometimes laced with pathogens.” It does not take much imagination to see these men using vaccines for similar purposes. Blumenthal, “Comparing the Unspeakable.”

[93] The Nazis had perfected the art of leading people to slaughter while pretending to treat them in a humane manner (the gas chambers disguised as showers, Red Cross trucks housing euthanasia equipment, or the X-ray sterilization procedures administered during sham medical exams).

[94] According to the records of the Nuremberg trials, the same individuals who oversaw these criminal vaccine experiments were also the people who oversaw the Nazi euthanasia program. Trials of War Criminals, 178, 179.

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[98] In the case of AIDS, the virus is a type specifically designed by cancer researchers to destroy selectively the immune response in conjunction with challenge by cancer viruses so that researchers could determine which immune system components to concentrate on in future vaccine efforts. The philosophy underlying this procedure is discussed in Leonard, AIDS: The “Perfect” Disease.

[99] The Nazis were not the first (or the last) to use this unethical procedure. Edward Jenner, the controversial “discoverer” of the smallpox vaccine, after exposing human subjects to his experimental cowpox vaccine, exposed (or challenged) them to deadly sources of smallpox to measure the effectiveness of his vaccine. Despite his unethical, Nazi-like procedure, over time Jenner became viewed as a hero for his early vaccine experiments using humans as guinea pigs. “With hindsight, Jenner’s experiment appears to be the audacious and pioneering act of a visionary. However, at the time it was viewed with the scepticism [sic] and horror that would confront a modern-day attempt to inoculate a healthy child with HIV-infected tissue.” Robert Brines, Immunology Today, vol. 17, no. 5, May 1996, 203, 204.

[100] Curiously the Nazis also combined “defensive” biological warfare research with cancer research. Kurt Blome, a Nazi biowarfare researcher, personified this joining of cancer research and biological warfare research in Nazi Germany. Not only was he intimately connected with Germany’s biowarfare program, he was also plenipotentiary for cancer research in the Reich Research Council. Trials of War Criminals, 234.

[101] It is of interest given the thesis that monkey viruses which were adapted for human cell growth were used to implement the AIDS epidemic through international vaccine campaigns such as the smallpox vaccine (see Leonard, How AIDS Was Invented, that Nazi scientists conducted experiments similar to those conducted by cancer researchers in coaxing diseases found in animals to take root in humans. For example, Nazi scientists conducted experiments in which they transplanted encephalitis from apes to human mental patients. Proctor, 387n173.

[102] Robert Proctor summarized the benefits of the concentration camp experiments: “German industry also profited from the experiments: the firm Behring-Werke, for example used concentration camp prisoners to test new vaccines against spotted fever; Bayer Pharmaceutical Company purchased female experimental subjects from Auschwitz (for 700 RM each) in order to perform experiments on this ‘captive population.’” Proctor, 221.

[103] This seems a likely scenario. A Nazi biological warfare official and SA major general named Kurt Blome (who served as the biological warfare representative on the board of the Nazi organization which oversaw the human experimentation in the concentration camps) was interviewed by four American representatives of Fort Detrick after the war. He reportedly gave the interviewers information on Nazi biowarfare research as well as the names and locations of Nazi biowarfare experts. Although he was denied permission to enter the U.S. due to his Nazi past, he was nevertheless put to work for the Army Chemical Corps under contract to the U.S. on a Project Paperclip-related program at Camp King in Oberusel, Germany. (Camp King was also where the CIA reactivated the espionage network of Hitler’s master spy, Reinhard Gehlen.) It would be interesting to find out whether the U.S. similarly recruited any of the biowarfare researchers identified by Blome and put them under contract. H.P. Albarelli Jr. reported that the Nazis conducted biological warfare experiments on concentration camp prisoners. “Most of these crude experiments were conducted at the Dachau and Ravensbrueck camps and were overseen by Dr. Walter P. Schreiber, a major general in the Nazi army. Schreiber, according to declassified Army intelligence documents and Nuremberg Tribunal testimony, was considered one of Germany’s experts on anthrax.” Elsewhere Albarelli reports: “Remarkably, despite his being wanted for war crimes and strong suspicions that he was acting as a double agent for the Russians, Schreiber was hired to work with the U.S. Army’s Counter Intelligence Corps. On Oct. 7, 1951, the New York Times reported that Schreiber was in Texas working for the U.S. Air Force. After his employment contract with the Army and Air Force expired, the CIA blocked plans to send Schreiber back to Germany and in May 1952 helped arrange his relocation to Buenos Aires where he was employed as an expert on ‘disease and epidemics’ by the Argentine government. Some former Fort Detrick researchers who declined to be identified maintained that Schreiber, on at least two occasions, lectured at the Frederick, Md., facility. Others maintain that Schreiber was relocated to Argentina so he could help facilitate the flow to the United States of other fugitive Nazi scientists hiding there.” Hunt, 181, 101; Trials of War Criminals, 234; H.P. Albarelli Jr., “The secret history of anthrax: Declassified documents show widespread experimentation in ‘40s,”, 9/06/01, (; H.P. Albarelli Jr., “Feds’ involvement in anthrax experiments: Records show conflicting reports about bacterium’s use as weapon;”, 9/21/01, (

[104] Authors from Ft. Detrick (the U.S. center for biological warfare development) summarize one set of experiments conducted at Detrick after the war which are eerily similar to the type of vaccine experiments conducted in the Nazi concentration camp: “Human experimentation using military and civilian volunteers was initiated in 1955. Biological munitions were detonated inside a 1-million-liter, hollow, metallic, spherical aerosolization chamber at Fort Detrick known as the ‘eight ball.’ Volunteers inside the chamber were exposed to Francisella tularensis and Coxiella burnetii. These and other challenge studies were done to determine vulnerability to aerosolized pathogens and the efficacy of vaccines, prophylaxis, and therapies under development.” Christopher, et al, 414.

[105] Trials of War Criminals, 267-269.

[106] Such field trials may have included the use of biological warfare by the U.S. during the Korean war. H.P. Albarelli Jr. reported: “Biological warfare ‘offers fabulous opportunities’ read one Pentagon report produced at the start of the Korean War.” (For a discussion of the possible use of biowarfare in Korea, see Harris, 230-232.) Japan’s top biowarfare criminal, Dr. Shiro Ishii, may have assisted with this effort. Ishii was apparently used as a consultant years after the war, despite his overseeing Japan’s monstrous biowarfare research and wartime implementation. Albarelli revealed that “according to former Fort Detrick researchers, Ishii was secreted into the United States to lecture at Camp Detrick.” Even more ominously, considering Ishii’s experience with large-scale biowarfare exercises, Albarelli reported: “In December 1951, a Reuters news dispatch reported that the U.S. commander of troops in Korea, Gen. Matthew Ridgeway, secretly brought Ishii to Korea as a biological warfare consultant to the U.S. military. Subsequent news reports stated that Ishii made two trips to Korea as a consultant for the Army.” H.P. Albarelli Jr., “Feds’ involvement in anthrax experiments: Records show conflicting reports about bacterium’s use as weapon;”, 9/21/01.

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