The AIDS Epidemic at 25: The Hidden Benefits and Design Behind the Devastation

Jerry Leonard




The catastrophic international AIDS epidemic is now 25 years old. It has killed 25 million people around the world and is projected to kill 100 million more in Africa alone. According to a director of UNAIDS, this disease has caused "the worst and deadliest epidemic that humankind has ever experienced."

And yet, after two and a half decades and all this human carnage, "experts" and commentators would have you believe they are still confused as to how AIDS jumped the species barrier to cause this hideous viral cancer epidemic in humans. A June 3 report by the Associated Press summarized:

Nobody knows for sure when or where ... a virus lurking in the blood of a monkey or a chimpanzee made the leap from one species to another....

Enough is enough.

I believe the mechanism of the sudden species leap is there for all to see in the published research of a viral cancer vaccine program conducted shortly before the epidemic began. We just have to read it.

Indeed, the unique characteristics of the AIDS virus, HIV, along with the hidden benefits the epidemic is providing to cancer vaccine researchers, point to it being the designed result of a major development effort quietly funded through a long-running government project known as The Special Virus Cancer Program.

Many of the experts who pretend to be scratching their heads over where HIV originated were, in fact, involved in this massive project run by the National Cancer Institute to create human versions of animal cancer viruses for vaccine research. Just a few years before the AIDS/cancer epidemic became public knowledge, they were busy publishing technical papers describing their successful efforts at growing monkey AIDS viruses in human cancer cell cultures.

Some History
Studying pre-AIDS cancer virus research literature shows viruses like HIV were the culmination of decades of animal research with viruses engineered to do exactly what HIV does--selectively knock out the immune system to make cancer viruses grow more reproducibly for vaccine research.

My research has shown that as early as 1962 cancer vaccine researchers had isolated and tested an immunosuppressive mouse virus, which later researchers admitted was capable of inducing “a severe immunodeficiency disease with striking similarities to human AIDS.” But the experts won't tell you that.

And they were busy modifying these animal immunodeficiency viruses, even combining them with sarcoma viruses and growing them in human cell cultures, shortly before the HIV-induced sarcoma epidemic mysteriously broke out in human populations. They won't tell you that either.

Curiously, these viral modifications never stopped. World-renowned virologists including Robert Gallo used the tools of their trade to make HIV even more deadly and infectious than it already was--and published the results--even as the pandemic wreaked devastation across the globe.

In my short e-book How To Make An AIDS Virus, I reveal, in layman's terms, the fascinating story of how animal immunodeficiency viruses similar to HIV were quietly optimized in the decades before AIDS-induced cancers began making international headlines. I also show how techniques developed in animal vaccine research were used to modify these novel viruses to make them replicate in human cells so researchers might then replicate successful animal experiments in human subjects. As a contribution to the ongoing effort to identify the source of AIDS and eliminate it, I am making this e-book free to the public. (For a pdf version of this click here.)

Human Experiments For Vaccine Development: Immunoproficiency through Immunodeficiency?
With this knowledge of cancer vaccine experimentation behind the development of viruses like HIV, it should not come as too great a surprise that the global immune system devastation caused by this unprecedented virus is quietly benefiting cancer vaccine researchers. In fact, it is fulfilling their long-term research goals in a stunning, step-by-step fashion.

Indeed, HIV has done exactly what immunosuppressive viruses were engineered by the viral cancer establishment to do--selectively deplete the immune system so that the effects of cancer viruses could be increased, measured and correlated with immune system health. The knowledge gained by monitoring the viral cancer epidemic caused by HIV has allowed vaccine researchers to simultaneously prove their coveted "viral cancer source" hypothesis and their "immunosurveillance" theory of susceptibility to these viruses. These goals were seen as milestones on the path to developing human cancer vaccines, which numerous researchers predict will be one of the legacies of the HIV-induced cancer epidemic.

In another e-book Why AIDS Was Invented (which I am also releasing to the public), I propose that these benefits of the HIV epidemic to cancer researchers are not accidental but are instead the culmination of a long-running line of dangerous experiments in which increasingly sophisticated cancer-inducing techniques developed in animal research were systematically applied to humans.

These published experiments include the human "tumor transplant" research of Chester Southam (a future president of the American Association of Cancer research) and follow-up experiments in which animal cancer viruses, such as monkey sarcoma viruses, were mixed with human cancer cells and injected in humans to create a laboratory model of tumor growth for vaccine research.

I propose that when researchers added monkey AIDS viruses to these human-adapted monkey sarcoma cultures (and published the results) they were simply complementing this line of human research by replicating an experimental model perfected through decades of successful animal vaccine research. This was to use immunosuppressive viruses to artificially create the immune system defects that vaccine theorists postulated made the cancer viruses grow more reproducibly in nature. Laboratory validation of these hypothesized mechanisms would thereby pinpoint which immune system defects might be effectively counteracted with vaccines. (I have called this research technique “the creation of immunoproficiency through the manipulation of immunodeficiency.”)

Questions that come to mind include the following:

·         Were these artificially adapted mixtures of monkey sarcoma and immunodeficiency viruses used in human research? And,

·         Could this explain why the international epidemic of viral immunosuppression and viral sarcoma is benefiting the research establishment that isolated and tested such viruses? And, if so,

·         How were these tests conducted?

My research has convinced me that vaccines were not only the goal behind the development and unleashing of HIV but also the source of the epidemic, as well.


The effort to create profitable cancer vaccines is but one factor behind the AIDS epidemic. My book AIDS: The "Perfect" Disease summarizes my theory for how the HIV virus was created by the biological warfare establishment behind the scenes by funding this cancer virus research. In this work, I also describe why I believe the AIDS epidemic itself was created through a biological warfare exercise conducted under the pretext of an international cancer vaccine experiment using HIV-contaminated vaccines.


I believe this theory not only explains why HIV is quietly achieving goals clearly spelled out by vaccine researchers prior to AIDS, but also explains

·         Why HIV selectively depletes T-cells, the very class of immune cells targeted by cancer researchers with a documented history of human cancer transplant experimentation.

·         Why HIV is selectively depleting human populations to fulfill policy goals articulated by national security planners in classified memoranda written prior to the epidemic. In 2000, 90 percent of AIDS deaths occurred in the Third World, the location where an alarmed National Security Council predicted in a classified 1974 pre-AIDS-era study that 90 percent of world population increases would occur by the year 2000, unless drastic measures were taken.

·         Why homosexuals were the first victims in the U.S. They had high rates of suspected cancer virus infection, monitored infections from which might validate the immunosurveillance model of cancer as their immune systems started to degrade, and, they were pre-selected for an experimental vaccine that was later used in an international cancer vaccine experiment.

·         Why Africans are being disproportionately devastated by the disease. They not only had high population rates that deeply troubled US national security planners (according to a 1996 New York Times article, Africa was “the continent with the world’s fastest-expanding population”), but also had infections of viruses that researchers were studying as potential cancer viruses for vaccines. The methods by which “immunodeficiency syndromes” would elucidate the mechanisms of cancer susceptibility to such viruses were being intensely studied by cancer vaccine researchers well before Acquired immunodeficiency syndromes curiously dovetailed with this research.


In addition to the long-term national security and cancer vaccine benefits of AIDS, there is yet another hidden dimension to the story--the manner in which the AIDS epidemic is fulfilling the goals of a long-running eugenics program started by the U.S. before World War II.


My book Hitler Is Winning explains why AIDS is the perfect disease for implementing this ongoing "racial hygiene" program that sought to harness the processes of evolution (natural selection and speciation) to create a society more in line with the eugenic ideals of perfection. By acting as a means of "unnatural selection" AIDS will serve as a mechanism for eliminating so-called undesirables on a global scale (“negative eugenics”). Modified versions of HIV, which are apparently extremely well suited for use as viral vectors in human genetic therapy research, may even serve as a means of synthetic species modification (“positive eugenics”). Moreover, the nature of the AIDS epidemic itself will serve as a justification for conducting this eugenic research under the guise of medical intervention.


In my book, I explain how powerful American corporate elites set up the German medical infrastructure to carry out the Nazis' far-reaching eugenics program. This program was implemented under the pretext of disease control to confront an artificially created typhus epidemic. (The initial rounding up of the victims through the ghettoization process and their imprisonment in overcrowded and unsanitary death camps not only increased the typhus epidemic but facilitated the manner in which political prisoners were experimented on in typhus vaccine research and then disposed of through "disinfection rituals" using a poison insecticide gas under the guise of preventing typhus.)


I propose that when we hired numerous Nazi biowarfare experts following the war, we also used them to continue the eugenics program through the American and international medical infrastructure. (Through Project Paperclip, we used Nazi biowarfare experts as consultants to set up American biological warfare testing labs at Plum Island—the epicenter of the Lyme Disease and West Nile virus outbreaks in the US—and even to conduct biowarfare experiments on American troops. Nazi scientists subsequently found their way to the top of international medical and humanitarian organizations, such as the World Medical Association.)


I have also suggested that this eugenics program is even being implemented using research techniques similar to those used by the Nazis. For example, the Nazis conducted biological warfare research under the pretext of cancer research, including human vaccine experimentation on deliberately infected subjects, and the transferring of monkey diseases to man. I believe AIDS is the result of similar human vaccine research involving the transfer of deadly monkey diseases to man by biowarfare researchers under the pretext of cancer vaccine research.


I propose this led to an artificial epidemic that will allow the implementation of this eugenics program, just like the artificially created typhus epidemic did in Nazi Germany. Only this time the effects will be even more catastrophic.


We are 25 years into the epidemic caused by HIV. Africa is dying (the progress made fighting the disease in the developed world has not reached the Third World) and virologists are continually improving the infectious properties of this virus. We can no longer afford to plead ignorance of where this virus came from and whose interests the associated epidemic serves. We must understand the tools that are available to the biological warfare infrastructure and prevent them from creating future epidemics. I hope that my work will be a useful tool in this fight.


Jerry Leonard










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