Creating Human Lab Rats For Cancer Research:
Part II

Were Vaccines Indeed the Hidden Source of a Laboratory-Produced Contagious Cancer Virus Epidemic?



The beginning of the AIDS/cancer epidemic (1978) coincides with experimental hepatitis vaccine given internationally to homosexuals (2nd graph below):



Mortality Ratio begins sudden rise in New York homosexuals the same year as experimental vaccine study conducted in that city (just before AIDS began):




“Studies of hepatitis B virus infection among homosexual men provide the opportunity to study mortality trends in a large cohort of homosexual men who were first seen just before the AIDS epidemic was recognized.” [emphasis added]


More Vaccine Evidence: International AIDS Epidemic Tied to Smallpox Vaccine



“In obliterating one disease, another was transformed.”

The Benefits of AIDS



In addition to providing a model form of viral human cancer for vaccine research through selective immune cell depopulation:


The AIDS-malignancies have provided insights into the pathogenesis of neoplastic disease in general and into strategies for further therapeutic intervention.”[1]


…the selective international depopulation effects of HIV are fulfilling national security goals outlined in a 200-page classified NSC memo prior to AIDS:


Population control linked to third world resources:


“…the US economy will require large and increasing amounts of minerals from abroad; especially from less developed countries…Wherever a lessening of population pressures through reduced birth rates can increase the prospects for such stability, population policy becomes relevant to resource supplies and to the economic interests of the United States.” [emphasis added]



No easy solutions seen for the planners:


“... short of Draconian measures there is no possibility that any LDC [Less Developed Country] can stabilize its population at less than double its present size. For many, stabilization will not be short of three times their present size.”[2]



The Predictable Results:



AIDS and Population Control: “Draconian Measures”?


The depopulation effect of AIDS is fulfilling national security goals for the Third World, where 90% of AIDS deaths occur and where 95% of world population growth occurs, that were outlined in classified national security planning documents shortly before AIDS broke out. The AIDS epidemic is especially pronounced in Africa, “the continent with the world’s fastest-expanding population.”[3] (Eastern and southern Africa, which have only 5% of the world’s population, account for 60% of all AIDS deaths.[4])


Indeed, the AIDS disaster has conveniently begun to fulfill the goals for population reduction in third world areas such as Africa:


“Some officials in government already privately contend that family planning is not as necessary in Africa because AIDS will take care of the rapid growth in the population.” [5]





AIDS and Cancer Research


“As disastrous as the spread of HIV is, the insights that the AIDS epidemic provides into the causes of cancer may ultimately lead to new and successful approaches to cancer prevention.” [6]



In addition to serving as a population control function, the epidemic of AIDS-related sarcomas and other cancers is providing a near ideal research model to study “host defenses” to human cancer similar to that developed through Chester Southam’s cancer injection experiments. In fact, long before AIDS, Southam himself predicted the experimental benefits that such “immunologic disorders” might hold for cancer vaccine research:


“In addition to the need for more definitive studies in man, these studies suggest … that the relation of host defenses to the course of human cancer might be studied fruitfully in patients with immunologic disorders such as lymphocytic leukemia, allergy and ‘autoimmune’ diseases".[7] [emphasis added]





AIDS is providing an international supply of humans developing convenient cancers as “immunologic disorders” take effect under the watchful eyes of researchers.


Ongoing research has shown that HIV—by allowing researchers to monitor cancer growth and correlate it with virus exposure as AIDS victims’ immune systems selectively degrade—is providing a tremendous amount of knowledge of the human immune response to cancer viruses which will likely lead to the coveted development of human cancer vaccines.[8]


These developments make the AIDS epidemic uniquely suited to the long-range goal of developing human cancer vaccines.[9] In fact, based on the latest animal research in which modified forms of HIV were used not only to cause cancer, but to cure it, the HIV itself may eventually be used as a human cancer vaccine!


Thus, it seems as if, at least for cancer vaccine research and national security-related depopulationist goals, that AIDS is “the ‘perfect’ disease”.

* * *


Based on the documented history of cancer vaccine researchers deliberately inducing cancer in humans and the striking developments in the AIDS monkey virus-related cancer epidemic noted above, it seems reasonable to ask:


Are these convenient results due to the culmination of the precedent-setting cancer vaccine research in which monkey cancer viruses were injected in human subjects applied to ever expanding groups of people used as cancer research lab rats?




·        there is no doubt that cancer researchers had immunosuppressive monkey viruses like AIDS prior to the human AIDS epidemic--experiments to develop and test them were published in the medical literature.


·        there is no doubt that cancer researchers had exploited immunosuppression to deliberately induce human sarcoma tumors with monkey cancer viruses--human experiments with these viruses were published in the medical literature.


·        there is also no doubt that the explosion of immunosuppression and sarcoma tumors in human AIDS patients are proving to be highly beneficial to cancer researchers.



The only question is whether these benefits are the result of cancer researchers continuing with the procedures they had used prior to AIDS. We know the immunosuppressive monkey viruses they had tested in human cells were combined with the monkey cancer viruses they had already used in human experiments.  Were follow-up human experiments conducted with these mixtures and could this explain the explosion of human immunosuppression and cancer which have been correlated to monkey viruses which somehow suddenly jumped the species barrier?



·        the benefits of the disease to cancer vaccine research

·        the similarities between the AIDS virus and experimental cancer viruses which existed at the outset of the epidemic and

·        the published history of human experimentation with cancer-inducing injections


this unfortunate scenario seems all too likely.


Indeed, it seems highly improbable that, by sheer chance, an unprecedented epidemic due to a type of virus invented by cancer researchers began benefiting cancer researchers almost immediately after they grew it in human cell cultures. More likely, the AIDS epidemic was started as the continuation of a published line of human experimentation with monkey cancer viruses which was designed to prove exactly what AIDS has—that viruses cause human cancers; that the immune system is capable of preventing these viral cancers and that therefore human cancer vaccines are realizable.



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